Dr. Tom Jones, D.C. CCRD(c),CSCS,CES


Practice Philosophy:

We offer a new and more effective approach to chiropractic medicine.  What sets us apart is that we look at the patient as an individual. That means when you walk into the office, you are not going to be receiving the same treatment as every other patient.  Your treatment is not predetermined; your treatment is customized for you.  All tissues are assessed and treated as needed. This involves a multitude of techniques and different approaches and requires a diverse knowledge of the human body.  We determine the optimal treatment for your recovery.  While some patients may need rehabilitation, others may need manual therapy, chiropractic therapy, physical therapy or medical therapy; and some need a combination of these treatment modalities. 

We offer customized care for your pain issues. We have a unique approach to evaluating and managing your musculoskeletal complaints.  You can be certain that we will listen to your concerns, past medical history, past therapeutic options, and work to formulate the best treatment plan to suite your needs.   What sets us apart from most Chiropractic and Sports Medicine specialists is that we have a targeted whole-person approach that designs a treatment plan that not only empowers you to get better, but gets you better sooner, and with less required visits. We uphold the Hippocratic motto: to respect each patient as an individual and to listen to them, since they know themselves best.